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"If Blackwell has one unifying theme, it's how ritual both distances people and enables them to live together. This shrewd collection should appeal to fans of contemporary Southern short story masters like Tim Gautreaux and John Biguenet." --Publishers Weekly

"Engaging characters face the tangles of life--marriage, adultery, malfeasance, aging, pregnancy--in this adroit debut collection."--Booklist

"With this short-story collection, Kate Blackwell enters the company of contemporary writers–Anne Tyler and Roxana Robinson come to mind–who plumb these shadowy, silent dramas." --Dallas Morning News

"HOW do writers do it? How do they take the same tiresome human dramas and make us care, make us wonder how it will turn out this time? In the first story in this debut collection, "My First Wedding," the narrator asks, "For who will remember women like my mother, my aunt, and Augusta? Who will remember any of us who live so hidden, so far from nearly everything?" The details of their lives, like those of many of Kate Blackwell's middle-class women, are familiar to the point of invisibility. But something inside them struggles to get out."
-- Los Angeles Times

"Blackwell's stories are jewels, each polished and tweaked to perfection, characters vividly rendered and plots as tightly wound as watch springs.” --Baton Rouge Advocate

"...Blackwell's collection of 12 stories may be one of the best books of the year." --The Clarion Ledger

"..... one of the finest collections I've read.” --Winston-Salem (NC) Journal

"These stories reveal an exceptional, well-crafted talent that invites us into places and the lives of characters the reader would not otherwise have access. These are edgy lives filled with conflict and tension, stories that span decades. This book is a real treat for anyone who loves good writing." --Bookviews

“…the kind of truth that fiction gets at best.” --Raleigh (NC) News & Observer

‘Author Kate Blackwell has a gift for shining a spotlight on the complexities of mundane people and places. In her debut work of fiction - a collection of short stories called "You Won't Remember This" - she introduces her readers to the seemingly ordinary and gives "forgettable" characters emotional depth and mystery.’
--Interview with Frank Stasio, The State of Things, WUNC

"These stories reveal an exceptional, well- crafted talent that invites us into places and the lives of characters the reader would not otherwise have access. These are edgy lives filled with conflict and tension, stories that span decades. This book is a real treat for anyone who loves good writing." -- Alan Caruba, Bookviews

“Life, death, birth, marriage, divorce, travel, isolation—all of our rituals and even our secret selves are embodied in this insightful and graceful collection.” -- Mary Garrett, The Advocate

“Depending on a particular story’s slant, the book’s title is a command or a consolation—or an amalgam. Whatever the tonal shifts, Blackwell’s images are uniformly sensuous and painterly.....Steeliness and grit arise from Blackwell's skill at ferreting out what her characters would just as soon not remember." -- Kathleen Snodgrass, The Georgia Review

“Kate Blackwell has what Flannery O’Connor called ‘a talent for humanity.’ In each story, she looks at life with a direct gaze and writes in elegant, measured tones with beautiful, melancholy humor. The collection surely derives its honesty and power and music from the great Southern tradition—but in its sheer comprehension and passion, it is universal as well.” -- Howard Norman, author of The Bird Artist and Northern Lights

“Kate Blackwell is a wonderful and very perceptive writer who knows more about love, and more about loss, than most of us ever will. These stories about all sorts of Southern men and women are both funny and sad, and always subtly but deeply sympathetic.” -- Alison Lurie, author of Foreign Affairs and The Last Resort

"Throughout this fine first collection, there is a fascinating tension between limpid prose and incisive truth. Kate Blackwell tends to deal with secrets - an unfulfilled desire, a denied knowledge, a hidden love. She writes with especial power and insight about the parts of themselves women give up—or bury—when they marry." -- Joyce Johnson, author of Minor Characters and Missing Men

“These are necessary stories, which often possess a quality of devastating clarity all too infrequent in short fiction. Each is a rare entree into the ordinary everyday world without the added special effects of all-consuming tragedy. This collection is prime proof that there is nothing, nothing like a collection of short stories to offer an almost Cubist perspective on the way women live.” -- Cynthia Shearer, author of Wonder Book of Air and The Celestial Jukebox

“You most definitely WILL remember this extraordinary collection. All of Blackwell’s finely crafted stories move as easily as an overheard conversation about what is too often hushed in the human heart.” -- Robert Bausch, author of Far as the Eye Can See and A Hole in the Earth

“In these remarkably intelligent and quirky stories Kate Blackwell sweeps the reader into a tableau as vivid as a Dutch painting, both startling and alive. These are harshly honest and generous stories embroidered with humor.” -- Patricia Griffith, author of Supporting the Sky

Blackwell (who is making her fiction debut in her mid- 60s) is a luminous writer, and I hope she has a whole drawer of manuscripts waiting to be published.” - Kevin Allman, Writing About Writing